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Since opening our doors in 1974, Robyn Packaging has specialized in providing superior flexible packaging to food, beverage, and industrial companies. Manufacturers who produce exceptional goods appreciate quality packaging materials that best showcase their products. Our quality materials ensure that your product arrives in the excellent condition you intended.

Robyn Packaging excels at identifying innovations in flexible packaging and applying them successfully to meet our customers’ needs. Our goal is to improve upon existing products by replacing them with superior materials. Unique resin mixes, access to the latest manufacturing technology, and tougher, thinner films, such as coextruded polyethylenes, allows us to product excellent products.

Robyn Packaging maintains stringent quality controls and updated equipment. This ensures that we provide our customers with flexible packaging consisting of pure resin compositions, excellent gauge conformity, and leak-proof seals. You can be confident that we produce your orders to your specifications.

  • Tougher, thinner films reduce packaging waste & increase yields
  • Puncture resistant films reduce damage to finished packages in transportation
  • Superior materials and attractive packaging best showcase your product to boost sales
  • Resin compositions designed specifically for your application enhance productivity
  • Decreases in punctured packages reduce spoiled products
  • Leak-proof seals protect the integrity of modified atmosphere in package to ensure longevity of product
  • Patented Laser Hole Bags to Extend the Shelf Life of Food Products

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31 Augusta Drive,
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